Monday, 15 February 2016

Buzzing like bees on speed

Attempting to get a couple of hours shut-eye before heading to the airport at 3am was proving impossible. Andy and I were buzzing like a couple of bees on speed; every time we closed our eyes they pinged open again and we eventually admitted defeat and bounded out of bed to get ready to leave for our adventure. 

By 4am we were at Heathrow, waving off Dad and getting our caffeine fixes in Nero's whilst waiting for check-in to open at 5am. I'd insisted on leaving early as I was nervous about our cases being checked right through to San Jose and not just to Madrid for our connection, which at 55mins for the changeover was always a little ambitious with hindsight, although as a seasoned traveller I'd pulled it off without event several times before. 

Having sorted all that and feeling chilled, we headed for the usual over-priced brekkie that is compulsory airport fayre when going on your holibobs. Never in my life have I strayed from my obligatory Full English, but for some reason the Mexican breakfast of Huevos Rancheros leapt from the menu and whilst Mum and Andy tucked into their sausages, I munched on fried eggs with avocado, guacamole and chorizo, which was delicious, although in light of what happened next I can't help wondering if it was an ominous omen of the fate that was about to befall us....

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